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Ground Water and Related Water Problems in Africa




Ground water is the main source of Water in Africa. Over 70% of the ground water supply in Africa remains un tapped. The Ground water that is exploited is highly contaminated with bacteria and chemicals which spread water borne diseases and result in a high statistic of child deaths in Africa. The water problems in Africa cause poverty and the poverty causes a dearth of water supply while rising population increases water demand. This vicious cycle needs to be broken! Additionally the world's largest ground water basins exist in Africa but are shared amongst African Countries. Weak international water laws and political strife between these nations make for the explotation of these basins even harder. These problems are now being taken up by various Governmental, Non-Governmental, Non-Profit and For-Profit organizations through interesting initiatives and partnerships. This wiki explores these problems and looks at various initiatives and partnerships that are currently being undertaken to solve these issues. We hope you will find a wide array of information relating to these above mentioned problems and solutions. If you do come accross any errors or additional information you would like to share with us please email us at kpa8m@virginia.edu and we will be happy to add it to our database. Thank you and do enjoy surfing!


Here are links to different topics within this wiki to help you with your search:


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Organizations that help Solve Water Supply and Demand Problems in Africa


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Public-Private Partnerships in Water and Sanitation


Starbucks and the Ethos Water Campaign


The Coca Cola Company and Wells in Africa


Water Demand Initiatives in Middle East and North Africa (WaDIMena)


Wells in Africa- Charities and Organizations


Water Shortage in Darfur


Other Water Articles

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